Artists and bands wanted

RTSI (The Right To Subcultural Identity) are promoting a campaign against alterophobia and against the discrimination of alternative subcultures. We are also working together with The Sophie Lancaster Foundation to raise awareness of alterophobia and to stamp out prejudice, hatred and intolerance, everywhere.

The first part of the campaign from RTSI was called ”To all of you…” (In Swedish: ”Till alla er…”) and was released on a USB digipak and on the RTSI YouTube channel:

The second part was released during 2017 and was called ”You Are Not Alone”, taken from a song that Wayne Hussey (from The Mission UK) chose for his contribution to RTSI.

We are continuosly inviting all artists from the scene who wants to contribute to RTSI with their music, artwork and other kinds of contributions.

The rules are simple: You contribute with a song, artwork and/or a music video that RTSI is free to release in the campaign. The work should somehow relate to the RTSI-initiative, to the work we do and if possible it should be some kind of exclusive contribution.

Simply send us a note through our ”contact” section here on this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here below is one of our favorite contributions from an artist from the alternative music scene that can serve as inspiration and an example of what we are looking for. Check out our YouTube-channel for more!